One of the most, if not the most popular river stretches in Colorado is known as the “Upper Colorado River.” The section can be as difficult or as easy going as you want it to be and is a great stretch for Ducky/Float Trips, Whitewater rafting, Paddle Boarding and Fly Fishing. From Kremmling Colorado to Dotsero Colorado, the river runs for 58 miles. The stretch of river is home to the Radium Hot Spring and the StateBridge Lodge and Amphitheater. The most popular day trip on the river is from Pumphouse to Rancho Del Rio. Pumphouse sits just below the Class V Gore Canyon Rapid and on your route from Pumphouse to Rancho Del Rio you will be on Class II and III Whitewater with the famed “Eye of the Needle” rapid being one of the trickier obstacles. There is available camping on the benchmark islands but be sure to arrive early as they tend to fill up quickly. The Stretch from Rancho Del Rio to Statebridge Colorado is a great option for families and anyone looking to experience whitewater for the first time.

In the News for 2015: Pumphouse will be opening a new Kayak Park. Though this may sound like great news, many locals believe that the Pumphouse put in is already too busy during high season.

Parking is available at the Pumphouse put in and for a few dollars, the nice folks at Rancho Del Rio will shuttle your car to the take out. During your ride you will come up to the Radium Hot Spring which is often times a floating party community. If you happen to see the members of river-maps there, please remember that we like our IPA’s and Pale Ale’s

For up-to-date flow data on the Upper Colorado River and to get detailed information and Directions, please visit out Upper Colorado River Flow Map.


Sections of river: Trip Length
Private Put Ins / Take Outs are not listed.

Gore Canyon to Pumphouse: 5 hours, 10 River Miles.
Whitewater Class: IV/V

Pumphouse to Radium: 2 hours, 4 River Miles.
Whitewater Class: II/III

Radium to Rancho Del Rio: 3 hours, 5 River Miles.
Whitewater Class: II/III

Rancho Del Rio to State Bridge: 2 hours, 4 River Miles.
Whitewater Class: II

State Bridge to Catamount Bridge: 7 hours, 14 River Miles.
Whitewater Class: II

Catamount Bridge to Pinball: 5 hours, 9 River Miles.
Whitewater Class: I/II/III

Pinball to Cottonwood: 7 hours, 14 River Miles.
Whitewater Class: II

Cottonwood to Dotsero: 3 hours, 6 River Miles.
Whitewater Class: I