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Dolores River


Gateway Colorado: Dolores River to Colorado River

The Dolores River in Gateway Colorado holds a special place in our hearts here at river-maps. One of our founders was married at Gateway resort and it was on a camping/kayaking/dirt biking trip in the Gateway Canyon where we made the decision around a camp fire to start not only our parent company info-maps, LLC but to also lay the groundwork for river-maps.us.

As for the Dolores River itself… This stretch of river has a short boating season (usually) and it is a gnarly ride through Class I – IV rapids requiring skillful maneuvering and a decent amount of scouting to run the river safely. If you swim in the Rock Gardens at the State Line Rapid, you’ll find yourself in for a long, painful, and life-threatening ride so take the time to scout the rapids. Luckily, there is an easy dirt road that follows the river for most of the boating stretch which offers great view points for scouting. Our first attempt on the river included a set up safety point mid-way through the rock gardens and one just below the rock gardens and thankfully we did not make use of either.

The Dolores River requires a permit (free) and they are easy to obtain. You can usually contact the BLM office a few days before to obtain the permit needed. There is also great campsites along the river but due to our love for the area, we will not be disclosing the locations – you can have fun finding them on your own. There is also a lot of private ranch land along the river so just be respectful…

For up-to-date flow data on the Dolores River at Gateway, Colorado and to get detailed information and Directions, please visit our Colorado Flow Map.


To apply for your Dolores River Permit, Please call the BLM office at: (435) 259-7012